Blanton's signature deli offers a variety of local and special meat and cheeses. We offer a variety of fresh prepared salads.

Three items you might especially enjoy are Blanton's signature fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and sandwiches.


We cater for any type of occasion. Blanton's provides catering services for groups up to 150 people. (Depending on your needs, we sometimes are able to serve larger crowds. Please contact us if you have more than 150 people.)

Please view our catering menu here.


Daily including (2) sandwiches, chips, fruit, drink, dessert, napkins and condiment. $12.99

For your Deli needs, please contact our Deli manager Lylia Christiansen.

You'll find Kretschmar Summer Sausages in our deli case
We have Cougar cheeses straight from WSU for your snacking enjoyment.
Our hotcase is always stocked with fresh fried chicken made daily in our deli.
We have a variety of salami available.
We have fresh baked breads in our deli.