Food Safety Inspection Service

Our Meat Department is highly rated. Quality in our Meat Department means security in the knowledge that every meal our customers prepare for themselves and their families will taste delicious. Customers can depend on the quality of all our meats. We recently had a MEAT SALE on April 1, 2004, our 27th Year Anniversary serving East Lewis County and Packwood, WA. See a small sample of our highly rated/decorated Meat Department below.

A quick view of our selected meats below

Our select beef is certified USDA Choice beef from specifically selected cattle. It is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and tasty every time. It has the superior rich, beefy flavor found in the finest steak houses. Our Choice Beef, USDA grades, has a higher quality than Select. Choice beef offers a fuller, richer flavor and provides a more consistently satisfying eating experience for consumers who like to prepare their steaks and roast medium to well done.

We carry choice brand cold cuts from mozzarella shredded cheeses to fat free bologna. Additionally, Blanton's Market has a choice selection of meats for your choosing. We have placed a few of our many meats here for your view.

Chicken/Turkey/Ham: Draper Valley Washington Grown Chicken, Draper Valley Farms Fryers, Draper Valley Farms Gizzards, Draper Valley Farms Livers, Hormel Microwave Ready Boneless Chicken, Cloverdale Rough Cuts, Cloverdale Hams, Louis Rich Fat Free Roaster Breast of Turkey, Yangtze Barbecue Pork, Farmland Honey Hams, Jennie "O" Turkey Ham, Farmland Maple River Whole Hams, Hormel Famous Boneless Hams, Farmland Fresh Sliced Brown Sugar Hams, Farmland Smoked Hams, Bar S Franks, John Merrill Bacon, chopped ham, brown sugar ham, Farm Fresh Smoked Ham, and Ultra Thin Oven Roasted Turkey.

Steaks/Beef: Assorted Pork Chops, Boneless Loin Roasts, Pork Shoulder Roast-Bone In, Pork Cutlets, Rib Roast, Ground Beef, Extra Ground Beef, Super Lean Ground Beef, Lean Stew Meat, Smooth Ground Skinless Breasts, Draper Valley Farm Whole Fryers, New York Steaks-USDA Select, Spencer Steak-USDA Select, Top Round Steak, Cube Steak, Louis Rich Chicken Breasts, BBQ Shredded Beef, Hormel Beef Roast AU-JUS, Hormel Pork Roast AU-JUS, Pot Roast Chuck Boneless Steaks, Petite Sirloin, Eye of Round Steak, Beef Rib Bone Steak, Top Sirloin Steak (USDA Select), Lean Ground Beef Patties, Spare Ribs, Boneless Loin Chops, and Original Lloyd's Barbecue Ribs.

Sausages: Lennon Pork Sausage, Jacksonville Brats Original Bratwurst, Farm Fresh Brats, Jacksonville Ground Italian Sausage, Jimmy Dean Premium Pork Sausage, Jimmy Dean Regular Pork Sausage, Jimmy Dean 30% Less Fat Sausage, Jimmy Dean Hot Pork Sausage, and Hormel Six Ham Patties, German Brand Sausage, Oberto Hot Links, Polish Sausage, John Merrill Polish Sausage, Merrill Liver Sausage, Oscar Mayer Wieners, Jennie "O" Wieners, Ball Park Franks, Hormel Pepperoni-sliced as well, Cooked Salami, Cracker Stackers and Beef Smokies.

Our Deli has a huge selection of cold cuts, imported cheeses from all over the world. We serve hot main and side dishes as well as oven roasted chickens. Stop in and pick up fresh made sandwiches from our Deli on your way to the slopes. Catering is available within our Deli. See a small sample of our highly rated/decorated Deli Department below.

We provide our customers a wide array of hearty choices. Our Deli Department is complete with roasted chicken, roast, chop honey nuts, Gardetta Cheese, potato salad, crab salad, Oriental Salad, Sliced Harvarti Wisconsin Cheese, Digiorno Provolone Cheese (not smoked), carrot cake, parfait, Cajun Cheddar, cheese curds, garlic and dill cheddar cheese curds, Italian Pasta Tortellini, Promodaro Roasted Chicken, assorted sandwiches, Philly Style Beef Steak Patties, Pastrami, cold cuts, roast beef, turkey, cut pickles, celery with cheese, Strawberry Swirl Cheese Cake, Lemon Parfait, Farmhouse Toasted Wheat Crackers, Hickory Farms Melt Away Mints, Hot Wings, jo-jo's, baked potatoes, and boneless chicken strips are simply a few of our items. Stop by and select from the many choices we provide. Hope to see you soon.

See Our Deli's Monday through Friday Dinners - Buy 6 Dinners of your choice and get the next one FREE

Prime Rib
The Cook's Choice
All dinners are available after 11:30 PM


We cater for any type of occasion. Large or small groups. Our assorted items are chicken, salads, pork, entrees and more.


Daily including (2) sandwiches, chips, fruit, drink, dessert, napkins and condiment. $8.99

We cater small and large tour groups. Enjoy our fresh deli sandwiches to order. Pack Lunches are available for tour groups and hikers alike.

For your Deli needs, please contact Fawn, Deli Manager

Guaranteed Customer Service is what we strive for in our Meat/Deli Department. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, we offer a "Money Back" guarantee on all perishable items.

Special request by our customers for specific items or cuts are welcomed. Our knowledgeable meat/deli professionals are prepared to assist.

Chuck Roast Steaks, 15 lbs
Blanton's "Two Hand" Steak
USDA Choice
Rib Roast Select
Top Quality Cold Cuts
Farmland Maple River Whole Hams