Frozen Foods

March is Frozen Food Month!! We have variety of foods on sale throughout the month. Our frozen food selection stretches almost the length of the store with a great assortment of products ranging from novelty ice creams to single-serve and family meals. We stock health-conscious frozen items such as Lean Cuisine meals, MorningStar Farms veggie burgers, frozen yogurt, and GNC ice cream bars. We carry pizzas from Culinary Circle, an excellent brand and we have selected varieties on sale this week for $4.79

We have a huge variety of ice cream, ranging from our house brand to Ben and Jerry's and Gelato from Breyers. The IGA Fudge Bars are on sale this week $3.99/box. We offer many different ice cream flavors from the Tillamook Dairy in Oregon. We also carry Pepperidge Farms frozen pies which are on sale 2/$6 this week.

We have specialty frozen items such as shrimp (cooked and uncooked), tilapia, salmon, cod, pollock, Cornish hens, and duckling.