We carry exclusively Angus beef. We grind our own ground beef from Angus cuts, including shoulder, chuck, and inside round.

We get our chicken from Golden Plump. It is all-natural, no added hormones, minimally processed, and has no artificial ingredients.

Our pork is very tender. It is prairie fresh premium pork from Seaboard foods. It is guaranteed 100% natural.

We carry Cloverdale, Oscar Meyer and Big Buy bacon.

Our fresh seafood is brought in every Friday, from Northern Fish in Tacoma.

Special request by our customers for specific items or cuts are welcomed. Our knowledgeable professionals are prepared to assist.

We have a wide range of meat products from bacon to steaks. We also grind our own burger.
Don't see the size you need in the case? We'll cut to order. We cut all our meat in house.
We have seafood in our meat case as well and in the frozen case..
Hemplers makes a nice bacon, try some for breakfast.
Johnsonville makes a nice chicken sausage. Try it out and make your day less hectic with a nice idea for an easy meal.