Our produce is highly maintained for freshness around the clock. We source all of our produce as locally as possible, and the freshness shows! Manager Allison Perras makes sure everything is well-trimmed, so you get the very best value.

Produce manager Allison Perras is eager to respond to the increasing and changing needs of our customers. If there's a hard-to-find, specialty item you're interested in, let us know!

We stock a growing selection of organically grown produce, and we constantly investigate new items from local sources.

As you can see from all the pictures on this page, we're proud of our produce department!

Produce manager Allison Perras
We have a few varieties of Fosters pickled Asparagus, like Jalapeno and Cajun. So Tasty!! Look for them in the cooler along side our fresh produce.
We carry the only fresh flowers in town. Our bouquets are beautiful!
Christopher Ranch products include pickled garlic, chopped ginger and roasted garlic.
Come in and see our citrus display.
We also have a great selection of apples, packaged trail mix, chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels and dried fruits.