We have alot of fresh fruit and vegetables in the store. Perfect for the end of summer canning and baking. Blanton's has everything you need for your canning and cooking experience. Our produce is highly maintained for freshness around the clock. We source all of our produce as locally as possible, and the freshness shows!

We stock a growing selection of organically grown produce, and we constantly investigate new items from local sources.

As you can see from all the pictures on this page, we're proud of our produce department!

Juicy Peaches! Stop in and grab a few!
We have fresh herbs in the produce department, great when preparing all of your favorite dishes for barbeques and get togethers?
We have a fresh mangoes and plums in the produce department. A great snack anytime and kids love them!!
Its that time of year for fresh picked apples. We have a lots of beautiful apples in the produce department, and they are very tasty! Come in and grab a few!
We have fresh flowers in our Produce department and they are beautiful!
Are you looking for a tasty snack? We have a variety of berries for your enjoyment in the produce department.
Come in and see our beautiful fresh fruit.
Fresh juicy Watermelons are at their finest. Come in and grab a couple!