Victoria Barajas

Cashier/ Customer Service

I have worked at Blanton's Market since the end of 2015. So far, my favorite time of year here is Christmas time. Some of my favorite things are fishing, shooting, arts, and music. My parents are Joe and Robin Barajas. My best friend is Sara Emerson. We have known each other for a long time, and enjoy spending time together.

Amber Brown

Cashier/Customer Service

Taylor Cade

Cashier/Customer Service

Taylor Caldwell

Customer Service / Produce

I moved to Packwood from the city two-and-a-half years ago with my family. My mom and I always came into Blanton's IGA and grew friendships with most of the workers, and just loved Blanton's in general. I remember telling my mom "That's got to be my first job!" because of how much fun everybody had. Now I'm 16 years old, and I have been working at Blanton's IGA for 3 months now. It has been the awesomest work experience so far.

Jericha Christian

Cashier/Customer Service

My name is Jericha Christian. I have lived in the valley my whole life and started working at Blanton's Market in May of 2018. I started out in the Deli and now I work in center store as a Cashier.

Sara Emerson

Deli / Bakery Specialist

Louise Gustafson

Cashier/Customer Service/Produce

On August 24, 2016 I joined this fun family. My husband and two boys have been here in Packwood for over 15 years. We moved from Seattle. I enjoy going hiking with my dogs.

Travis Gustafson

Courtesy Clerk

Leanna Muir

Cashier/Customer Service

Hi, my name is Leanna Muir. I am a cashier at Blanton's Market, among other duties, and have been here since 2005. A favorite occasion at the store is Moonlight Madness. The town really enjoys it - lots of food, games, prizes, and great sales. I have been married to Todd for 11 wonderful years. We enjoy hiking, animals, and gardening. And I truly enjoy a good bottle of wine.

Melinda Olson

Cashier / Customer Service

Hi my name is Mindy, I recently moved back to the area and my job at Blanton's. I am a mother and grammy. I love the outdoors-hiking, skiing, and camping and I feel blessed to live and work in our wonderful community.

Susan Perkins

Deli/Bakery Specialist

I started at Blanton's in June of 2018. My husband Clyde and I moved here from Hermiston, Oregon where we managed a mobile home park. I also worked as a Dietary Manager for 10 years and owned and operated a store in Prosser, WA. for nine years. In our spare time, we like to work outside in our yard, and also visit our son Kurt in Hermiston, OR. and daughter Kim in Richland, WA. and 3 grandchildren.

Lorna Petersen

Cashier/ Customer Service/ Meat

Hi, I'm Lorna Petersen. I have been employed at Blanton's Market since May of 2015 as a cashier and stocker. The best part of working here is getting to know the people in our community. My favorite time of year at Blanton's is summer, when we have produce tent sales, and of course fall for "Moonlight Madness." In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with friends and family.

Dennis Pudwill

Assistant Director of Operations

Hi, I'm Dennis Pudwill. I moved from Fishers Market to Blanton's Market in August of 2018. I have a background in the retail, aerospace and am a retired picture framer. I live in Randle, Washington with my dog Sascha and moved out here from Bellevue to be close to my brother who is also my neighbor. I like working at Blanton's because of the people I get to meet and the staff that I work with. On my off time I like to hunt and fish, relax with my dog and take it easy.

Steve Rowland

Butcher, Cashier/Customer Service

Debra Welch

Cashier / Customer Service

Kim Woods

Cashier / Customer Service

Enjoying Moonlight Madness 2018