Wine and Beer

Hogue wines are on sale this week $9.79/750ml bottle. We have added the Apothic Crush, and Barnard Griffin line. The Barefoot wines are also available in the larger bottles. We also have a small selection of chilled wines. Please visit our wine section and enjoy the experience of diversity in selection.

This week we have bottled 6 packs of Widmer $9.49 and Dick's beer on sale for $9.99.

We have expanded our beer collection and brought in bigger coolers to provide with a more interesting array of specialty and Northwest Beers. We also carry well-known national brands such as Budweiser, Coors, and others. If you haven't seen it already stop in and see what we added. New to our store are a couple beers from Top Rung Brewing Company, produced by the Lacey Fire Department. We have their Lacey Lager and Shift Trade beers available in cans and 22 ounce bottles