Wine and Beer

We have a large variety of wine and also some champagne for your enjoyment. Please visit our wine section and enjoy the experience of diversity in selection. If you need individual sizes, we carry select 14 Hands in 12 oz cans and COPA cups. Perfect for hiking and picknicking..

This week we have bottled 6 packs of Dicks beer for $9.99 and Busch 18 pack cans on sale for $16.99

We have expanded our beer collection and brought in bigger coolers to provide our customers with a more interesting array of specialty and Northwest Beers. We also carry well-known national brands such as Budweiser, Rainier, Coors, Busch, and others. If you haven't seen it already, stop in and see what we added. New to our store are a few new items from Samuel Smiths. First there is an Organic Perry, which is a sparkling pear cider. There is also an Organic Cherry fruit ale. They are available in Pint size bottles and on display by our beer coolers.