Customer Service

We're lying, just a little bit. You won't find a single customer service department at Blanton's Market. That's because all of our departments are dedicated to customer service.

If you ask us where to find an item, we won't just point you to the right aisle; we'll walk with you to find the item. Our meat department will cut to your order, if you don't see a quantity or thickness in the case. We stock items in response to our customers' needs and requests.

We do offer a variety of services for your convenience, including money orders, Moneygram transactions, check cashing (local), hunting and fishing licenses, lotto, and fax and copies.

We also have a DVD rental kiosk, as well as a Photo Kiosk.

Blanton's Market strives to place customers first. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding our service or products, please visit us at our contact page and submit your request or concern.

Our customer service department occupies the entire store!