Blanton's Market training and development programs are in place to help our employees establish successful careers in the grocery industry, from new hire orientation to our Management Leadership Development program. In addition, we offer other programs that provide training in everything from specific job duties to leadership and supervisory skills, we pride ourselves on strengthening our workforce and giving all our employees the opportunity for advancement. Our internal job-posting program provides employees the opportunity to achieve their career goals.

Retail Management Programs

Store Managers are key to the daily operations and heartbeat of the company. Potential managers are selected from high performing store employees and outside candidates. Future store managers are given in-depth training on leadership, store operations, analyzing reports, technical advancement, and management skills. Our management training program prepares the individual for everyday challenges, as well as the changing landscape of the grocery industry.

Grocery Operation Training

Blanton's Market provides its employees with the knowledge and skills to perform their best in any position they accept or are promoted into. Blanton's Market provides entry-level training using multi-media, mentors, and on-the-job learning in customer service, diversity, food safety, workplace safety, and a host of other topics and skills related to each position.

Employee Development

Blanton's Market believes that its employees are its best asset. Employees are provided with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be the leading retailer in our markets. Whether it's providing world-class customer service, offering exceptional products at a competitive price, or learning the latest in merchandising and display, the company's training programs provide the individual with a solid foundation to achieve their best.

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