Hal and Tracey Blanton


Tracey and I moved here in August of 1981 to work in the business with Dad and Grandpa. We raised our four children here and couldn't imagine a finer place to have done so. We are now 'Nana' and 'Papa' to seven of the cutest grandchildren in existence. In her spare time, Tracey works tirelessly in our yard and keeps it looking spectacular. It is our continued pleasure to live in, and serve, this special community.

Chris Falk

Store Manager

Hi! My name is Chris. Here is a little about me. Hobby: Playing in my backyard. Favorite food: Pork chops. Words I live by: To achieve excellence, you must care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is wise, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible.

Lylia Christiansen

Bakery / Deli Department Head

Hi, my name is Lylia, and I work in the deli / bakery department. I have worked at Blanton's since 2004. I love spending time with my husband and grandchildren. I also love riding our motorcycle, and Jeeping.

Allison Perras

Floral / Produce Department Head

Hi! My name is Allison. I work in the Produce Department. I grew up in a loving Christian family. I met the love of my life and married in 1989. My hubby retired and loved camping in the Packwood area, so we decided to move here in 2001. I had my heart set on getting a job at that little store we used to buy ice and firewood from, and my wish came true. I was hired on at Blanton's in 2003, and absolutely love it here. I now manage the produce / floral department, and find I love what I do a lot! From time to time I play my violin for local events. I have no favorite event at Blanton's - I love them all!

Heidi Saint Aubyn

Human Resources Manager

Hi! My name is Heidi. I come from a small-town in Skagit Valley which Packwood reminds me alot of, with its mountains, farms and horseback riding trails. I love that! I really like the small town atmosphere that Blanton's Market exemplifies. My coworkers are great people and our customers, while either local, weekenders, or vacationers are charming, fun and kind, even a little colorful. Summer in Packwood is great. We get a lot of tourists from all over the world because of our close proximity to Paradise at Mount Rainier. I find it fun to interact with them and hear all of their stories. Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my horses and working on my farm. It is a busy place, which my husband and I enjoy a lot. When I can get away from from all this busy-ness, I love to go visit my kids and grandkids and also have them up to the farm.

Coni Jaques

Point Of Sale Coordinator

Hi, my name is Coni, the point of sale coordinator. I have worked at Blanton's since 1997. My favorite week of the year is Labor Day week. There is just so much going on and we see people we only see during these weekends. My favorite event we host here at the store is Moonlight Madness. It's fun, and kind of silly. I have been married to Jeff for many years, and we have been together since we were 16. We have a daughter, Kaitlyn, and granddaughter Colette. Jeff is the fire chief for Randle Fire Department & EMS, so we spend a lot of our spare time with other families in the fire district and for Fire Association fundraisers. We love to get to the Oregon coast at least once a year with friends and family, and try to sneak in a few camping trips every year.